Amy Lien, *1987 in Dallas, US, Enzo Camacho, *1985 in Manila, PH, live and work in Berlin, New York City and Manila

From call centers in Manila to the Berlin Wall, traditional concepts of places and their importance, in addition to changes caused by globalization processes, are a central component of the work by artist duo Lien & Camacho. In their video installation oder (2017), devised for Produktion. Made in Germany Drei, they use a model railway to symbolically connect those places that are particularly affected by global networks. The footage across three tracks originates from the archive of the artists, and shows visual excerpts of Hong Kong nightclubs frequented by young bankers, footage from Palermo shot by the artists, and extracts from Frank Stella’s retrospective exhibition in 2012 at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. The work uses sound sequences from Wolfgang Schroeter’s film Palermo oder Wolfsburg (1980) about the work, love life and perception of being foreign of a young Italian guest-worker at the VW-factory in Wolfsburg. On the whole, a work emerges that reveals in one place the history of the development of abstract art, new forms of global capital, as well as social changes due to globalization.