Founded 2015 in Berlin

Maria Anna Bierwirth, Sylvester Hegner, Grayson Revoir, Richard Frater, Mia Goyette, Nile Koetting,Sofia Duchovny, Johanna Klingler, Miriam Yammad

After artists took the initiative for other artists, Berlin Program for Artists was launched in 2015 by Angela Bulloch, Simon Denny and Willem de Rooij as a forum for practice-oriented exchange to connect young artists with experienced international artists. The exhibition offers the one-year postgraduate network a platform at Kunstverein Hannover and presents works by participating artists from the first ever year, 2016. Over the course of the exhibition, three artists exhibit in one space; following a set timeframe, this space can thus be rediscovered three times.

BPA was initiated proactively and with great commitment, based on the observation that, despite a large number of existing programs and residencies in Berlin, there still remained a need to build an evolving network that brings together young artists straight out of college, at the beginning of their careers, with internationally active colleagues. The free program is a forum for the mutual exchange of knowledge, experience, views, standpoints and questions, with an emphasis on diversity. At regular intervals, mentors visit participants, and presentations, lectures and discussions take place in their studios. In addition to the initiators, further artists including Saâdane Afif, Monika Baer, Richard Frater (guest 2017), Bouchra Khalili, Oliver Laric (guest 2017), Thomas Locher, Olaf Nicolai, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff and Wolfgang Tillmans acted as mentors whose list of suggestions resulted in the first round of participants.

BPA is not tied to any rigid structures and fixed location, but rather uses existing infrastructure in Berlin as well as the climate of inspiration, competition and dialogue.