*1982 in Braunschweig, lives and works Braunschweig und Leipzig

Carina Brandes’s black-and-white photographs show staged snapshots, created in autonomous production processes by means of a self-timer, and then hand-printed in the darkroom. Brandes devised the new group of works against the backdrop of current world events, yet without using any familiar images from the media. The carefully edited photographs are characterized as much by an aesthetics of the performative as by their cinematographic aspect. Far removed from self-presentation and self-portrayal, Brandes uses her own naked body as raw material in her pictorial worlds. Any individual traits disappear behind coarse paint applications or masks as proxies, in favor of a general projection surface. Grotesquely contorted hybrids creep along deserted streetscapes; as though just emerged from earth’s primordial soup, a weapon appears as an extension of the human body; it appears exposed to it and excluded in interaction with black bars placed within the image space. Their spatial presentation allows the individual photographs to unfold their associative potential.