*1968 in Bucharest, RO, lives and works in Berlin

In his works, Daniel Knorr looks for direct, yet often seemingly provisional, clear artistic expression. Based on the realities of public space, his works are characterized by the scrutiny of social systems surrounding us. In his contribution to Produktion. Made in Germany Drei, he combines his work Depression Elevation – United Nation Sunrise (2016) with two further works created especially for the exhibition; floor casts from Athens and the Expo Plaza in Hanover open up a network of relationships between specific locations that point to trade and commerce, as well as recent political conflicts. In bright colors, the signets taken by Knorr from the locations characterize a historically connected background as a social construct of national identity. Furthermore, Knorr places his ever-recurring sculpture of the Bonhomme (2017) within view of the Kestner Gesellschaft. As a metaphor of transience, the cycle of our lives and the change of seasons, Knorr sees the snowman made from stones as a monumental memorial to climate change.