Temporarily collaborate since 2010

The artist collective The Numen translates the meteorological phenomenon of wind into an aesthetic experiential space. Automated and digitally networked weather stations are the starting point for the installation Das Numen – Meatus (Latin: the path). The organ pipes hanging horizontally from the ceiling – four flue pipes and one radial pipe – are connected to these stations.
The wind speed and direction at twenty stations at different points on the Earth are recorded live and converted by software into impulses, which in turn control valves that blow compressed air – actually called wind in an organ – through the pipes to make them sound. The more wind, the louder the pipes sound. The abstract data stream – the path – and the weather are combined to produce an audible experience that connects the visitor to the world outside the museum. The artists Julian Charrière, Andreas Greiner, Markus Hoffmann and Felix Kiessling form the collective working in Berlin since the 2010. They studied together at Institut für Raumexperimente e.V. (Institute for Spatial Experiments) with Olafur Eliasson, and work as individual artists as well as occasionally as Das Numen.