Henning Fehr, *1985 in Erlangen, Philipp Rühr, *1986 in Brühl, live and work in Berlin

The intensive observation of social subsystems – their structural peculiarities, dichotomous sociocultural dynamics, and inscribed inconsistencies – is a central aspect in the work by artist duo Henning Fehr & Philipp Rühr. With Studio Visit (2017), the artists went in search of channels of intercultural music transfer, starting with the Berlin music project Rhythm and Sound, who drew attention to themselves in the late 1990s with a musical hybrid of techno, reggae, and dub. Their journey took them across the Atlantic to New York City, to the independent label Wackies that has specialized in Reggae and Dub since its formation in the 1970s. In scenes from interviews, the image of a community with all its structural peculiarities emerges. The example of this music community highlights cultural conceptions about copyright and licensing, community and music as a concept of life that appear in stark contrast to ideas about artistic processes on this side of the Atlantic.