The third edition of Made in Germany, which is collectively curated on a five-yearcycle by the three institutions, focuses on the conditions of producing art in Germany. The group exhibition pursues the questions of how geographical, political, and institutional structures as well as new technologies are creating important conditions for the production of art in the course of the digital turn. In an art landscape that, by international standards, continues to have a unique concentration of institutions (art academies and colleges, art associations, and museums), the German scene is a major international site for the production of and discourse on contemporary art. The exhibition focuses on artistic positions that address production processes and examines the sites at which it is produced and presented. Besides processual approaches, by way of examples it investigates forms of production that direct the spotlight on network concepts. This becomes palpable based on collective approaches and time-based presentations in which the body and the social attain altered visibilities.

Kestner Gesellschaft
Goseriede 11,
30159 Hannover
T +49 (0)511 701 200
tube and tram: 4, 5, 6, 11, 10, 17
Bus: 128, 134, to: Steintor

Kunstverein Hannover
Sophienstraße 2,
30159 Hannover
T +49 (0)511 16992 780
tram: 10, 17, Bus: 100, 200, 121, 128, 134, to: Thielenplatz / Schauspielhaus

Sprengel Museum Hannover
30169 Hannover
T +49 (0)511 16843 875
Bus: 100 , 200, to: Maschsee

you can reach all venues with üstra

Opening hours

Mutual opening hours of the exhibition in all three institutions:
Tue–Sun and holidays noon–6 pm, Mon closed

The regular opening hours of the institutions still apply:

Kestner Gesellschaft
Tue–Sun and holidays 10 am–6 pm, Thu until 8 pm

Kunstverein Hannover
Tue–Sa noon–7 pm, Sun and holidays 11 am–7 pm

Sprengel Museum Hannover
Tue 10 am–8 pm, Wed–Sun and holidays 10 am–6 pm


Combined tickets, valid in all three institutions. Visit on different days possible:
14 €, 10 € red.

Single tickets:
Kestner Gesellschaft: 7 € / 5 €
Kunstverein Hannover: 6 € / 4 €
Sprengel Museum Hannover: 7 € / 4 €

Group tickets (min. 10 persons), valid in one institution:
5 € pp
all institutions:
10 € pp

Public Guided tours

Sprengel Museum Hannover
Tue 6.30 pm, Sun 11.15 am

Kestner Gesellschaft
Thu 7 pm, Fri 2 pm, Sat, Sun and holidays 3 pm

Kunstverein Hannover
Wed 12.30 am, Sun and holidays 2 pm

Combined guided tours free of charge through all three institutions every Sunday and holiday:
11.15 am: Sprengel Museum
3 pm: Kestner Gesellschaft
5pm: Kunstverein Hannover

Guided Tours for private groups

Guided tour through one institution
80 € plus 7 € pp

Guided tour trough three institutions
180 € plus 14 € pp

Guided tours in foreign languages available on request

Petra Sollorz, T (0511) 168-4 46 46


The exhibition catalogue (de / en) is
published by Snoeck, Cologne
ISBN: 978-3-86442-208-9


As participating institutions, the Schauspiel Hannover, the Festival Theaterformen, and the KunstFestSpiele are contributing the first time, supplementing the question of production and site with additional projects and thus highlighting the changing production conditions of theater and performance not only in spaces of visual art.

KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen
Adresse Straße 99
0815? Hannover

Festival Theaterformen
Adresse Straße 99
0815? Hannover

Schauspiel Hannover
Adresse Straße 99
0815? Hannover