* 1980 in Farnham, GB, lives and works in Berlin

Juliette Blightman’s oeuvre focuses on her personal, everyday observations in the manner of kaleidoscopic diaries. As hybrids of the real and digital worlds, her works are collages of a contemporary world of experience, where she establishes a dialogue with her chosen media. At Kestner Gesellschaft, the viewer is introduced to the theme of her video diary Portraits and Repetition (2016) via a green carpet, addressing, as a suggestion of a front garden lawn, the relationship between private and public space. The four films, arranged according to the seasons show images from the private and public life of the artist – without following any strict narration. Rather, the incoherent and extraneous narratives are to be interpreted as an insight into general everyday life characterized by informational contemporaneity. The drawings and paintings, with their dates in the titles, in turn, refer to a stringent temporal sequence, and thus form a stark contrast to those fleeting moments. By rejecting to submit to contemporary information cycles, her works can be understood as models of resistance.