*1985 in London, GB, lives and works in Berlin

For Produktion. Made in Germany Drei, Fudakowski created a large rattan piece at Villa Romana, in collaboration with friends and acquaintances. The band-like, 14-meter-long wickerwork, loosely attached to the wall, is as much the result of lonely work in the studio as of the meetings with the others who continued to weave the piece. The different colors of the strands refer to the respective weavers – the artist uses bright, and the visitors black, strands (except the pink strand, which was created at her Work/Life balance Birthday Party [Weaving and Wine]). At the same time, she writes a kind of logbook about progress and setbacks, about the frustration of lengthy manual work, doubts about its success, and other stereotypical creative fears, changes in work titles (from Overlapping Lovers and Worry Wall to The Cathedral), and comments on necessary activities such as telephone calls with gallery owners and curators. They are included in the work in form of a video.
Just as the weave absorbs events such as mistakes, new approaches, and color changes, Fudakowski’s notes point out how Fudakowski equates artistic work with being an artist, and that meaning and humor, ambition and defeat, as well as communication and misunderstandings are equally relevant and productive.