*1976 in Frankfurt am Main, lives and works in Berlin and Paris

With a variety of materials, Katinka Bock’s sculptures and installations create tangible situations of delicate spatial balance, presenting an examination of societal conditions and culturally defined spaces. For Produktion. Made in Germany Drei, Bock devises three works in and outside the Kestner Gesellschaft. These refer to the history and present of Lake Maschsee, which was artificially constructed between 1934 and 1936, as a job-creation scheme by the National Socialists. In her work at Kestner Gesellschaft, Seelandschaft mit Nebel (2017), the artist condenses processes of remembering and experiencing history in its societal inconsistencies without actually offering any criticism. The sculptures surrounding Lake Maschsee act as a kind of echo within the exhibition space. With the deliberate materiality of her works and her artistic approach, she articulates historical and temporal processes in the tantalizing field of ephemeral, forgotten and regulated aspects.