* 1982 in Warburg, lives and works in New York City

With her project Die Kommenden (2017), Henke has developed an installation for the exhibition that is based on the architecture of the sculpture courtyard. On four platforms, Henke develops groups of new and already existing sculptures made of handmade twisted fiberglass ropes and resin, each representing particular developments in her oeuvre. The first group is inspired by children ‘s drawings and refers to Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical concept of the seven-year-cycle. The second group transforms parts of the exhibition Yes, I`m pregnant, – sculpture museum Glaskasten Marl, 2014. The new works are casts of self-made copies of individual sculptures of this work, where she incorporated the physiognomy of her family members, and then presented them as protagonists of a family constellation in accordance with guidelines by psychoanalyst Bert Hellingen. The third group also refers to an earlier exhibition – Geburt und Familie, which took place in 2014 at White Flag Projects in St. Louis, Missouri. The sculptures of the last group hark back to Rudolf Steiner’s charcoal drawings, which are to be seen as a notation of his doctrine. The fragile sculptures thus form complex references that use past and present to construct and continue her artistic identity.