founded 2012
Diango Hernández, *1970 in Havana, CU, Anne Pöhlmann, *1978 in Dresden, live and work in Düsseldorf

The online platform lonelyfingers, founded in 2012 by Diango Hernández and Anne Pöhlmann, focuses on the creation process, and the disclosure of the same, as a lonely moment for them. The starting point for their projects, which are created in cooperation with other artists, are documents and objects which the respective artists understand as the source of inspiration for their work, without declaring them as a work of art. The platform thus serves the mutual exchange of aspects of artistic activity, and allows personal insights into the normally hidden processes of artistic thinking. In the foyer at Kestner Gesellschaft, we see handprints of various artists, which are emblematic for the manifestation of their works. As an extension to the project Maps of you (since 2016), where they explore the biography in relation to the artwork and the artistic everyday life in an abstract way, this work reads as an exhibition of individual maps that serve not just as proof of identity, but have their individual biography inscribed.