Lotte Lindner, *1971 in Bremen, Till Steinbrenner, *1967 in Hildesheim, live and work in Hannover

Lindner & Steinbrenner jointly develop interventions in form of performative installations, sculptures and performances. Their interventions in public space not only create situations where the viewers’ experience of the world is altered; prompted by a playfully inquisitive sculptural impulse, they also change the institutional reference system. The work devised for Kestner Gesellschaft is based on an intensive examination of spatial structures. As a viewer, we are confronted with two rooms leading off the arcades, which pose a contrast, but are, nonetheless, dialogical in their materiality. While the interior, weakly illuminated by a transparent latex membrane, is inviting and homely, yet not accessible, it is the constructed space that appears initially blocked, and proves to be accessible only when walking around. The thus spatially enclosed pillar as part of the everyday architecture turns into an exhibition object. In dialog, the spaces created by the artist duo indirectly reflect the relationship between the viewer and the production location of exhibitions.