* 1984 in Lviv, UA, lives and works in New York City

The reproduction of (post) colonial schemata continues to characterize social norms and institutions within our society, which have to be challenged, as intended by radical feminists. In her works, Olga Balema returns to a fundamental view of the world, which apparently veils its colonial past under a cloak of stereotypes and worldviews dominated by the West. In her series Motherland/Early Man (2016), Balema counterbalances material resilience with fragility. She augments historical maps using layers of latex, pigment, and acrylic paint with added three-dimensional breasts. Balema challenges essentialist orientations of the institutionalization of masculinity in patriarchal society, and at the same time reveals a spatial policy of coexistence and exclusion. The emerging reference to temporal change is based on historical periods combined with an essentialist concept of femininity. Her works indicate that society as a whole, in spite of its history, could be reorganized.