Founded 2005
Katharina Stöver, *1982 in Giessen, Barbara Wolff *1980 in Forgas, RO, live and work in Berlin

The principle of the multiple reuse of existing material, of partial reproduction, processing and transferring onto new material bases is an essential formal principle of the artist duo. Since 2005, Katharina Stöver and Barbara Wolff have been working under the name Peles Empire, with reference to Peles Castle, built in 1866 by King Carol I in the Carpathians Mountains of Romania, with its eclectic furnishings combining various styles and epochs. Initially, reproductions of these spaces were used as models for their abstracted appropriations. In Grid (2017), the rugs placed on the walls as well as the A3 color copies on the floor show collaged, digitally processed views of Peles Atelier, pointing to their creative processes. Besides the reference to their studio, it captures the characteristics of the location and reveals the structure of the skylight as a shadowy light. The grid-like layout continues in the tiled sculptural objects with the recurring fragmentary views of the ceramic sculptures. The interplay between two- and three-dimensionality, citing, transferring and new connotation, creates a space with complex references.