*1988 in Nürnberg, lives and works in Berlin

In her installations, Raphaela Vogel combines sculptural, cinematic and performative elements to form installations that examine the relationship between body, space and digital technology. The rearing animal at the beginning of the course appears to be caught between becoming and dissolution and was originally inspired by the general significance of the horse for Lower Saxony. It has the anatomical model of a huge open chest in tow. The strange combination evokes not only a dreamy atmosphere, but also rather painful associations due to the influence of force in a sensitive place. The installation continues in the adjacent room, where a milking device coated with white polyurethane serves as a base for a beamer. As in the midst of an endoscopic introspection, the film takes the viewer on an existential journey around the issue of care and birth, with the threatening dynamics of vortex-like slipping action underpinned by the sound. As always, the artist herself acts as the protagonist of the film, in which the unity of mother and child is ultimately broken.