*1980 in Karlsruhe, lives and works in Berlin

In her site-specific work, Schirin Kretschmann removes glass elements from the characteristic skylights and uses them as a sculptural material for the corresponding large-scale monochrome floor work. The open ceiling reveals the structure of the roof, allowing daylight to freely penetrate the space. A fine layer of blue pigment with a seemingly physical “weight” covers the glass panes laid out on the floor by Kretschmann. From varying perspectives, the surfaces and edges of the panes appear as subtle disturbances in the uniformly sieved pigment layer, revealing the vulnerability of the work developed specifically for the duration of the exhibition. The appearance of the blue surface changes both through the natural cycle of daylight as well as according to the movement of the viewers within the space. Viewed at close range, the surface structure of the homogeneous pigment field is differentiated, which appears to visually expand the closer we get. The impression of heaviness and lightness, openness and closeness, turns into a deceptive game enabling the viewer to become a co-producer of the work.