Founded 2013

Studio for Propositional Cinema has existed since 2013 as a camouflaged artist collective that appears individually and as a network, and maintains an exhibition space in Düsseldorf. For this exhibition, Studio for Propositional Cinema has developed the text work (in relation to a Spectator) (2017) with four footnotes in dialogue with the architecture at Kestner Gesellschaft.

Language, at times polemical, then again in institutional diction, often in phrased poetry, where social discrepancies are exclamatorily exposed, forms the basic element of their art practice. Presented as a performance and poetry, printed as a work on paper, as press release, title and inscription or publication, finally inscribed in existing architecture in the form of wall texts, Studio for Propositional Cinema counteracts the currently required, all-encompassing availability, by adapting to existing systems, both in terms of the form of the work as well as authorship.

The On The Wall In Chalk Is Written. 2nd Studio for Propositional Cinema Film Festival takes place from September 1–3, 2017 with Cally Spooner, Anna Sophie Berger, Madeline Hollander, Sarah Kürten, Selina Grüter & Michèle Graf, Henning Fehr & Philipp Rühr, Juliette Blightman, Alex Wissel and Jan Bonny. Please refer to the festival program on p. XY.