*1985 in Erbach, lives and works in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main

In his landscapes, Veit Laurent Kurz transforms the romantic idyll of natural sites into quirky fairy tales. This deformed version of nature emanates danger and is supplemented by Kurz with recurring motifs – evil dwarfs, audio tracks and three characters from the band Steiketo. The fictitious substance Herba-4, invented by the artist, and which assumes a different quality depending on the context, is integrated into the overall narrative of biotopic sculptures composed of individual narrative strings connected by tubing. The formal language of the installation RElife (2017), selected for Produktion. Made in Germany Drei, for the first time increasingly refers to architecture and design. Devised as multifunctional furniture, the sculptures made for the visitors’ use turn the system conceived by Kurz into a tangible reality. Kurz’s works present a manifestation of the modern promise of unlimited possibilities of consumerism for each individual within a global economic system that races toward inevitable, yet widely ignored ecological catastrophe. The artist captures the moment between utopia and dystopia, and thus removes the boundary between viewer and the object of consideration.