*1976 in Athens, lives and works in Berlin

For the installation Nacktes Erbe: Wir brauchen Euch Alle (2017), developed on site, Sapountzis selected sculptures from the collection of the museum from the 1910s to the 1960s, that all feature representations of the naked body and the impression of the face, such as Bernhard Hoetger, Das Lächeln (1906), Georg Kolbe, Die Große Sitzende (1929), Joachim Karsch, Junges Mädchen (Großes Stehendes Mädchen II) (1930), Aristide Maillol, Ile de France (1921), Marino Marini, Figura M; Large Standing Woman (1945), Henri Laurens, La grande baigneuse (1947), Richard Scheibe, Stehende (1955), Joannis Avramidis, Modellierte Figur (1958). These works were photographed like “models”, which provide the templates for monotypes on fabric with which the sculptures were wrapped. Placed on a stage, the sculptures become actors in a scenography of colorful, printed fabric flags and constructions made of aluminum rods. Sapountzis wants to insinuate a “coming-to-life” of the sculptures. He presents less the art historical context than a consciously subjective and subversive dialogue, suggesting a new and different perspective. The soft fabrics become allegories for the dissolution of the rigid bodies cast in bronze. The installation creates a network of new structures that present the sculptures in a process of change and reformation.